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Check out “Closing the Chasm: Letters From a Bipolar Physician to His Son”

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

I just finished reading this incredibly honest and open book. It’s the fourth book I have read in less than a week. I have found that sitting and reading, despite my jumpy knees and fidgeting feet, helps to keep my mind focused.  I have also completed Prozac Nation, An Unquiet Mind, and Unravel, all of which were excellent books as well.


I put the link to this book because I loved the format in which it was written. I imagined being the writer myself, and I also put myself in the place of his son, Matt. Bipolar mixed, which is what I appear to suffer from as well, affects every member of your family, in both positive and negative ways. Dr. Diven sheds light on both. I appreciated his candor and closed the book with tears in my eyes.  It’s a quick read and well worth your time.

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