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God I Can Hear You

Tonight instead of writing a long post, I was overtaken with emotion and had this poem come to me. I dedicate this poem to my dear friends, Tiffany and Dianne, with an abundance of love. I am not much of a rhymer, as it’s definitely not my thing, but I am either going completely insane or these words were sent to me. They came immediately into my head tonight and I knew this was a sign. I had to share them for there may be someone else out there like me, questioning their faith as I have done for far, far too long.

God I Can Hear You

God, I can hear you,

When you are talking to me,

I hear you in the music,

And various messages I see.

You attempted to reach out,

This Christmas,

While I shopped in the store,

But I ignored you,

For fear of being let down once more.

God I can hear you wondering,

Why I turn a deaf ear,

As your messages become louder,

To make sure that I hear.

God, I’ve been so mad at you,

For I have felt you’ve given me than I can bear,

And I have felt so alone,

When I really needed you there.

God I can hear you, trying to speak,

Through my friends who love me so,

And I know that they are praying,

That I finally accept you and never let you go.

God, you tell me you’ve been here,

From the time I was born,

But I continually questioned your existence,

And for so long, it has been you that I scorned.

Tonight I could feel you,

As I was overtaken with belief,

Your message finally made it through,

And I was so thankful, I shed tears of relief.

God, I can hear you,

I can no longer do this alone,

I need you with me,

You want to give me back my smile,

And return me to my family.

Please God, I’m told you love me,

For your love has no end,

God, I can hear you,

It is you on whom I can depend.

God, I’m finally listening,

And I’m ready to give it all to you,

Please God, I am waiting,

And ready to let you see me through.

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