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I’m Back

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Stay tuned, as a lot has changed in 6 years, but the one thing that didn’t was my desire to write and share my ongoing journey to find myself and learn to love myself unconditionally. I have missed this forum and the connections I made here. It’s been too long, and the sad thing is, I’m still trying to put all the puzzle pieces together, but this time, I’m completely sober and no longer on any medications.

I am truly feeling my stuff, crying both tears of joy and tears of pain and it’s the most amazing experience I have ever been through. When I began to work with my spiritual healer she made a profound statement to me when I told her of my two hospitalizations. She said, “You are not mentally ill, you are in extreme pain, and have been for over forty years. Pain makes us react and takes us to deep dark places, but that does not have to be where you reside for the rest of your life. You can change the narrative.”

As a writer, it finally clicked, and three weeks into her program, I’m reprogramming my brain, giving all the pain to God and finding my true purpose in life.

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