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Missed Sunrises

by: Lydia Kristin Lampert

As I sat on my yoga mat, I could feel the coolness of the wet sand permeate it’s pores and make its presence known. The glow of the sunrise spun the clouds into pink cotton candy that hovered above the horizon.  I did not want to get out of my bed this morning, but felt the push of God, and I allowed Him to guide me here.

As the women from the retreat followed the glow to the beach, I said to our leader, “The sunrise holds something spectacular for me today for I felt pulled here.”

And here I was, despite my desire to stay in the warm cocoon I created in my beach house bed.

As we all patiently waited, and mindfully listened to the sound of the waves colliding into explosive splashes, I prayed God would fill me with his presence today.  I then turned to my leader and said,”You know I never saw a sunrise until my 50th birthday?”

And that’s when it hit me! I had missed the beauty, the optimism and the hope a sunrise can offer you each day over 18,000 times, up to that point in my life.  Today, I’m making a promise to myself, that when I have the opportunity to witness God’s power and presence in a sunrise, I will gladly rise and shine each time.

My soul was filled this morning. My heart felt God, and when I closed my eyes, I saw a green light. I did not know what that meant, but I was determined to find out.

According to bamboo, “the color green is connected to the heart chakra, which often surprises people. This chakra can become blocked from pain or trauma, but when it flows, opens us up to give and receive love. Inner peace, forgiveness, and compassion are all associated with this chakra.”

Today is May 6th and twenty nine years ago, on this day, my first born son died. He spent 24 hours in the NICU before his tiny soul rose to heaven.  The date of May 6, 1994, shaped how I felt and dealt with all things for the past twenty nine years of my life and I came here to finally make peace with it.

There is no coincidence that I am here, nor was it luck. This was God’s plan for me, and I felt it in the sunrise. I recognized it as I walked the beach and came upon a shell tree, one in which you place a shell in memory of someone you loved. I visually witnessed His gift to me, which was having my Michael experience the sunrise with me this morning. It is evident he was here when you watch his reflection soaring high above the sun - not an orb, but rather a free flying spirit that looks like a white bird in the distance.

To say something spectacular happened this morning is an understatement. I felt the healing. I felt the love and it was almost a missed opportunity had I not paid attention to God’s nudge. Thank you Lord, for this. Thank you.

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