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Nourshing My Soul

Today is a new day and I am exiting my pity party. Last night I came home from work and grounded myself by working the dirt of the earth in my garden. I mindfully broke balls of dirt down with my bare hands and it was there I came up with a plan. It was also in my garden where I realized I had gotten away from my much needed morning routine which included my self care and emotional self care time. So starting today, every morning I plan to:

1. Pray before my feet hit the floor and thank God for all my blessings.

2. Have my coffee/read and write or journal for an hour

3. Meditate/yoga before showering and leaving for work to get my mind and heart right for the day.

These actions will allow me to center myself, ground myself and appreciate all that I have.

I have also added every item to my Google calendar with reminders set. I’m not going to let my mornings start in a flurry of crazy energy again, as it sets the stage for a crumby day.

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