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The Spirit of Christmas began with God

The Spirit of Christmas began with God. My original post was supposed to be a story I shared with my children when they told me they no longer believed in Santa Clause, but this year, God bestowed a gift upon me worth sharing with the world.

When Jesus was born on Christmas morn, God gave us his son in the name of love. The spirit of Christmas embodies the same philosophy. God, however, gives us unique gifts daily, but they are only visible to those who truly believe and trust in Him.

You see, as I grew into a woman, I no longer believed in Santa Clause, and I didn’t trust in God, so I wandered through life, afraid and under the misconception that I was on my own.

As a young woman, I didn’t always believe that God gave me gifts as often they came disguised as struggles. It took me years to realize He always had a purpose and was worthy of my gratitude.

This week, though, He gave me the most significant gift of my life as the world prepared for Christmas. Although my first instinct was to see it as a punishment for something as opposed to a gift at all, I discovered one of the most beautiful gifts was in the form of an opportunity for growth.

You see, my husband was diagnosed with Covid last Thursday night and on isolation ever since. I thought God was testing me, but in true Santa Clause fashion, he placed this gift in my hands and sat back, watching from afar, as I carefully began to unwrap my present.

My first tear in the paper did not reveal a shiny new object but rather a deep-seated wound and fear of being alone, and I was angry that God would ever lay a problem such as Covid at my feet just days before my favorite holiday. Didn’t He know how much I would have to do on my own now?

Once I finished my temper tantrum, I tore away more of the paper. This time, I caught a glimpse of all God had done for me in my past, even when I thought he was not there! He saw me through cancer. He was my guardian angel many times in my life when I made choices that were not in my best interest. He’s always been there, and he was trying to let me know he was here again and that I could trust him, but I had more unwrapping to do.

Finally, with my last tear, it all began to make sense, for God’s timing was impeccable when it came to my husband’s diagnosis! Christmas morning, we’ll shed our masks and hug safely again, for his quarantine will be over. I couldn’t ask for anything more - time with my family, our health, and the love and affection of my husband. God is all-knowing and watching over us constantly, and once again, He has shown himself to me.

I am truly blessed this Christmas, and for that, I thank you, God. Realizing I can trust in you has helped me grow and feel safe. There’s such comfort in knowing that every day, for the rest of my life, it will feel like Christmas, as long as I remember God’s lesson this week.

May all of you find Christmas blessings to fill your hearts with love.

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