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Today I Start Validating Myself

Updated: Oct 29, 2021


I had what some call a realization. Others say it’s a miracle, but the other night I had one overwhelming thought…I don’t need the validation of those who are using me to push their own agenda, to increase their own worth or bring attention to themselves. I am worth so much more!

My words and my talents are worth so much more. My inner child was holding me captive to the accolades and praises of others, but my mission is SO MUCH bigger than that.

Stay tuned! I’m working on my next piece that will explore this subject even further, but please, do me a favor, in the meantime.

Never forget you are worthy and those that are making you squirm, fight, and work so hard to forward their own agenda are using you. You do not need their validation! Let that belief go and set yourself free! Empower yourself! You’ve got this!

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