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Why Is Kindness such a Foreign Concept Anymore?

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Why even bring up the topic you ask? I do so because humanity has lost its ability to be kind! Where did it all go wrong? Have we completely forgotten the lessons in grade school about being “bucket fillers” instead of “bucket dippers?” Or waiting for someone to stop speaking before we begin, hence the lesson that interrupting is rude?

What happens to us as adults that makes us think our opinion is to be heard and respected but not the opinions of others? And even if the opinions do not align, does the opposing opinion loose traction if you personally cut the individual down?

Politicians or any of those who have stepped up to run for office are people. They are human beings with mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children and even grandchildren. How dare we, as fellow humans, cut them down if our opinions differ?

Aren’t we the same people who are appalled when our children are being bullied online by other children and want action taken? Haven’t there been documentaries and true stories of individuals taking their own lives because they could no longer take the harsh words being spoken about them and allegations being hurled at them on social media?

We will never get anywhere in our attempts to debate by screaming insults at one another! Isn’t that why foreign countries have summits, and peace talks? Enough is enough people! Stop with the cruel words and criticisms. How do we even being to heal as a nation, if candidates can’t so much as run respectful campaigns? And how do we as community members begin treating one another with respect again? Perhaps we should try initiating a dialogue. Maybe ask for an explanation rather than make assumptions?

We are all one people, trying to get through the trials and tribulations that come with this thing called “life.” We are trying to raise our kids, work, pay our bills and all during the time of crisis due to this God forsaken pandemic! Have some patience. Show some leniency. People are tired. People are stressed, but fighting and attacking each other just adds to the stress. Perhaps we should stop and be grateful for what we do have?

We have the ability to vote. We have the ability to have our voices heard as we go to the ballot box and cast that vote. There’s no need to insult or slander your opponents. Their children could be reading your words. Did you ever think of that?

Please, as the the Dalai Lama once said, “When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others.” Focus more on that which you can be grateful for and less on making your point heard with such harsh words.

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