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Finding Perfection in the Imperfect

Today, as I completed my morning ritual of watching the sunrise, I began to walk around my yard and examine the surrounding beauty. I came upon my fuschia azaleas and admired the color, knowing they would only be with me for a short time. I wish they bloomed all season, but quickly realized I needed to enjoy them while I have them.

I quickly opened my camera app and zoomed in to take a photo. The sun enhanced the stunning color of the petals against the various greens of the bush’s leaves. How gorgeous, I thought and how I knew the many people that would see my post would appreciate what my lens captured as well!

What people would not see in my picture was the unmulched dirt or the railroad trestle flower bed in desperate need of repair and paint. The sunlight cast enough of a shadow that the winter’s dust that has not yet been power washed off my sand colored siding would go unnoticed. Do you know why? It’s because their focus will be on the beauty of the flower, the colors, and the light, as it should be.

Isn’t it profound that we can quickly find beauty in instances such as this, yet we struggle to find the same compassion and ability to recognize our own? As humans we are perfectly imperfect, and quite honestly, our untended dirt, and our dusty parts, are perfect as they are, for they make us individual and unique.

An important lesson was learned this morning, when I took the time to really evaluate what I was doing, and I hope those who are reading this will take away that same lesson.

Focus on your beauty, not your so-called imperfections. One is able to find beauty in anything if you change your perspective.

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Oct 07, 2023

Loved this post! ♥️ Amen!

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