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Happy or Unhappy Holidays

Here’s a happy thought, there’s less than 12 hours left to this day. I must admit I enjoyed watching my children unwrap their gifts and to see the happiness on their faces, but at the last present I always feel empty. Like why was all that money spent? Would they have been happy with less? I believe it’s a gift or two that makes a holiday complete, but my husband and I were raised differently. So I allow him to indulge. Lots of times though it leaves me feeling empty.

This year, because I am facing difficulties, our money is limited. But I gave a gift to my middle son that could not be bought. I wrote him a story about his birth and maintaining the ability to cry even as an adult, and its importance. I may post it later. He loved it. I surprised him last night as I tucked him in and I read it to him. That was not only a gift to him but a gift to me. I will never forget that moment at the end of the story. He hugged me so tightly. I love him and my other kids dearly but ever since I started therapy I had this gift in my mind. It was a story with an apology for being hard on him. And I promise I will never give him a hard time about crying again.

Anyway, I hope everyone who was reading this had some form of happiness to find this holiday, and if not I’m sorry and hope that knowing the end of this day is in sight puts a slight smile on your face and even allows you to breathe a sigh of relief.

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