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HELP!!!!!! Seroquel Induced Writer’s Block

I need some help, desperately! I have been on Seroquel for over 1 month now and I am suffering from severe writer’s block, so I thought of an idea. I was hoping some of my readers would challenge me and give me a subject or idea on which to write. It is killing me that I cannot just sit down as I have in the past and just start typing away, but think that if someone challenges me, it will be the big kick in the ass I need! Comment below with your idea and I will do my best to come up with something (hopefully to the idea giver’s satisfaction) and get rid of this block.

I was also thinking of starting an idea box and throwing the ideas, including mine, into the box and pulling them out randomly when I am stumped.  Looking forward to seeing your challenges and ditching this block once and for all.

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